Organic Latex Mattresses in Victoria

$1,395.00 $1,760.00

We're proud to say that all our organic latex mattresses are constructed with 100% Organic Dunlop Latex, which is extracted from the Rubber Tree, or the Hevea Brasiliensis.

Our organic mattress line is made in Vancouver, BC which allows us to keep our prices low, as we do not have cross-country shipping built into our price like some of our competitors. Similarly, local manufacturing minimizes our carbon footprint avoiding the long distance transport by truck.

Since no two bodies are the same, we highly recommend you visit our store and test these amazing mattresses for yourself. Only you will be able to tell what mattress best suits your body!

Mattress Covers

There are two different cover options for your natural mattress:

  • European-Style Cover: A four-way stretch, 50% Tencel™/50% polyester cover that provides stress-less support.
  • Quilted European-Style 100% Certified Organic Cotton Cover with Pure Wool Filling: A stress-less, 100% Organic Cotton stretch cover that uses European tailoring to facilitate seamless support between you and the underlying latex. It's filled with 100% pure, untreated, virgin wool—pure virgin wool regulates body temperature while preventing the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.
All mattresses include:
  • USDA Certified Organic Latex: Only Latex from USDA certified plantations is used in our mattresses. USDA certification gives you the peace of mind knowing that only the purest organic latex is used in all our organic mattresses. Natural Latex is the most supportive bedding material on earth and organic certification is the only way to guarantee Natural Latex is being used.
  • Proprietary Multi-Zone Construction: Decades of experience have taught our supplier how to properly construct a mattress, which maximizes the support and comfort characteristics of organic latex without taking short cuts. It takes an experienced and committed mattress maker to maximize the inherent characteristics of latex using only 100% Certified Organic Latex.
  • Made in British Columbia: All mattresses are handcrafted on Annacis Island, BC by experienced master mattress makers.
  • 10 Year Warranty: An industry-leading warranty to supplement the industry-leading comfort and support.

Our 8", 10" and 12" mattresses, with the Tencel™ covers, are our "no frills" organic latex mattress. They utilize more basic, conventional construction techniques to create a more economically-priced mattress with a firmer level of support.

The 8", 10", and 12-inch mattresses, with the quilted wool covers, are built with two-inch layers and offer a slightly softer, but still a medium-firm feeling mattress.

Support & Foundations: We recommend putting these mattresses directly on top of centre braced wood slats, with no more than 2" spacing between. Foundations (box springs) that are specifically designed to support latex mattresses are also available.