Got Furniture Questions?

Made-to-order and custom furniture orders usually take around 8–10 weeks. Most in-stock items can be delivered within the week, or, depending on the item, can be taken by the customer directly from the store that day.
Unfortunately, custom or made-to-order furniture takes time to build, and waiting for its arrival can be a test in patience for many. If the 8–10 week order window has passed, please feel free to call or email the store to check on its status.

We do ask that if it is before the 8-week mark, to please refrain from making status inquiries, as we won’t have much to tell you. Trust that if your furniture arrives before its allotted time, we will notify you immediately and set up a time for pick up or delivery. In the rare event that your order gets delayed, due to manufacturing or international shipping delays, we will notify you immediately and provide as much information as we have on the status of the order.

You are free to cancel your furniture order, prior to delivery or pick-up, within 24 hours of purchase (furniture and mattresses). Any deposits made to this order (excluding custom or special order deposits) will be refunded without fees or charges. Please note: mattresses cannot be returned or exchanged once the item has left our store. Please see our Return Policy page for more information.
No, we do not offer layaway at this time.
Depending on the size of the order, discounts are sometimes given. That said, we try to be fair, yet competitive in our pricing and try to offer something for a variety of price points.
A 50% deposit is required upon time of purchase. All custom or special orders require a 50% non-fundable deposit.
Please see our Return Policy page.
Please see our delivery services page for more information.
Yes, pickups are permitted. Items must be inspected completely before leaving our store and cannot be returned if damaged during/after transport.
If you notice your furniture is damaged or has deficiencies upon arrival, please contact the store within 24 hours (via phone or email) so we can make arrangements to replace or fix your item as soon as possible. Please see our Return Policy page for more information.
If your furniture arrives damaged or begins to malfunction within the first week or two of arrival, please contact us immediately as this could be a manufacturing defect and we’d like to address the issue right away.

If your furniture actually “breaks” (i.e. gets damaged) overtime due to an accident, misuse, or general wear and tear, we cannot compensate you for this (and will not be held liable), but we might be able to give you some tips for repair depending on the severity of the damage.

We want to ensure your solid wood furniture lasts you a lifetime (because it can!), so if a knob or handle comes loose, a drawer glide sticks, or screws get lost in a move, give us a call and we can try to provide you with a solution.

Our wide-selection of solid wood come in a variety of woods including pine, alder, maple, oak, acacia, and rubberwood.
85% of our furniture is made in Canada and comes from BC’s lower mainland. Our imported furniture is made in Vietnam, Thailand, or Malaysia.
Yes! In addition to offering a wide-selection of made-to-order furniture, we provide many custom options to meet unique specifications. Come visit us in store to see what we can offer you.
Aside from regular dusting, your solid wood furniture can be easily maintained with mild dish soap and warm water—no wax necessary. Just be sure to clean spills as soon as possible, use a soft cloth (no Brillo pads please!) that’s damp not wet (avoid soaking the wood), and always be sure dry thoroughly. Wood cleaners, like Pledge or Murphy’s Oil, are not recommended because they leave a dull residue on the surface, and never use abrasive cleaners or household cleaning products.

It’s always good to remember to avoid: putting containers with hot liquids directly on the table as this will cause the lacquered-finish to whiten (i.e. those dang white rings), exposing furniture to direct sunlight which can cause discolouration overtime, and placing furniture directly in front of a heat source (vents, radiators, wood stoves, etc.).

Against what many believe to be the sweet smell of wood, that new furniture smell is actually from the lacquer used to finish, seal, and protect the piece. It can be particularity fragrant upon taking your new furniture out of the box, but usually disappears after a short time. Like the “new paint” smell, some are more sensitive to this than others, and some may require letting the furniture breathe a bit before use. This is best done in a room with a closed door and an open window for a day or two.