Polo Dresser in Victoria


The Polo Collection offers the best selection of dressers. It is our "bread and butter" product line and offers the best value for a Canadian-made product.

These dressers are made in BC and are available in 13 different stains on solid pine, with two glides, and lots of hardware options. They have a classic design with rounded corners on the top and a simple arched skirt on the bottom.

  • The six-drawer comes with three rows of two drawers.
  • The seven-drawer comes with three drawers on top and two rows of two drawers below.
  • The eight-drawer comes with four rows of two drawers.
  • The nine-drawer features three drawers on the top row and three rows of two drawers below.
  • The 10-drawer features five rows of two drawers.

All dressers come standard glides, and wood knobs. There is also the option to convert this dresser into a bureau by adding a mirror (34"W x 41"H).

They are available by an 8–10 week order. Prices include delivery to our store. Home delivery is available for an extra charge.